Bless the Second Run Theater

Living in Portland means that I have abundant access to second run theatres.

Pros: Inexpensive tickets (usually $4-5 per ticket), special fundraiser shows (boosting ticket prices to a usual $12-15, but for a good cause), beer & pizza (or sandwiches, salads, locally made desserts). You also have the opportunity to see old favorites or movies you missed when they were at the first run theaters!

Cons: By the time Moonlight came to our second run theaters, it had already won an Oscar. Part of the reason we enjoy going to the movies is so we can share the experience with our friends. Not being able to talk about movies for months after they release can be a real drag.

This month on our schedule was:

  • 1984
  • Interstellar 70mm
  • Brick
  • Donnie Darko
  • Moonlight
  • John Wick 2
  • 20th Century Women

Seeing 1984 for the first time in theatre (original year of release: actually 1984) was a really special experience to share with a community of people who share my politial sense of dread. Part of the proceeds benefited Causa, Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Organization.

The small second run theater is a integral part of what I love about Portland and gives me the ability to view the films I want to see without completely breaking my budget.

Check out some of these local second run theaters if you live in Portland Oregon!
  1. Laurelhurst Theater
  2. Hollywood Theater
  3. The Academy Theater
  4. Cinema 21
  5. Roseway Theater
  6. Cinemagic
  7. Living Room Theaters
  8. Mission Theater
  9. Bagdad Theater
  10. 5th Avenue Cinema
  11. Clinton Street Theater
  12. OMSI Theater

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